The Gamer Society Tournaments

Welcome to The Gamer Society Tournaments page!

The purpose of this page is for the announcement of any upcoming tournaments as well as to display previous tournament results. Future tournaments are listed below with an expected time period of occurrence. For more participation information, refer to The Gamer Society Fan Club on Xbox Live. Otherwise, listed below are any future tournaments as well as any previous tournaments. Previous tournaments includes brackets as well as placement results.

Future Tournaments

Forza Horizon 3: Online Adventure Tournament (November 2017)

The Forza Horizon 3: Online Adventure Tournament will be a last place double elimination event. Each gamer that ends up in last place twice will be eliminated in the order it occurs. In the end, the winner will receive a signed, used copy of The Crew for the Xbox One. This game will be signed by Stonehengd Bear and Schmagelborfer. Shipping to the winner is included in the reward.

Roblox: TBA Tournament (November 2017)

The Roblox: TBA Tournament will be a triple elimination event such as the Natural Disaster Survival Tournament. The game mode is TBA and will be a mode released by TGS. The mode will be announced on the channel upon release. Then, a tournament will be setup to celebrate this. The winner will receive a $5 Xbox Card Code (Digital Reward).

Previous Tournaments

Grand Theft Auto V: Drag Racing Tournament

The Grand Theft Auto V: Drag Racing Tournament was a drag racing event held at Los Santos International Airport. Each drag racing battle was best of 3.

Tournament Results:

  1. BossMan9821 (Grotti X80 Proto)
  2. Stonehengd Bear (Progen T20)
  3. Schmagelborfer (Pegassi Zentorno)
  4. jackcraf7 (Pegassi Zentorno)
  5. MERCENARY 969 (Bravado Banshee 900R)
  6. FaultyDisc693 (Imponte Dukes)
  7. Irongamer04 (Elegy RH8)
  8. Xpertg3mer (Pegassi Zentorno)

Tournament Reward: Grand Theft Auto V Tiger Shark Card ($4.99)

Congratulations to the winner of the Grand Theft Auto V: Drag Racing Tournament – BossMan9821!

Roblox: 500 Subscriber Tournament

The Roblox: 500 Subscriber Tournament was a Natural Disaster Survival based event including 3 death elimination.

Tournament Results:

  1. DJ65588
  3. BiggTriangle420
  4. Irongamer04 (Now v Niqhtstxlker)
  6. JSmoke87
  7. Schmagelborfer
  8. xl St4F lx
  9. Stonehengd Bear

Tournament Reward: $5 Xbox Card Code (Digital Delivery)

Congratulations to the winner of the Roblox: 500 Subscriber Tournament – DJ65588!