The Gamer Society YouTube Schedule

Welcome to The Gamer Society’s YouTube Schedule page!

On this page, The Gamer Society’s YouTube live stream schedule is broken down by date and time. Furthermore, this schedule will be updated on Sunday night of every week for the upcoming Monday thru Sunday. During the first stream every week, the channel’s gaming plan and schedule will be discussed in detail during the introduction (first 5-10 minutes). Lastly, the schedule is always subject to change at any time.

Monday (05-25-2020)

DayZ (10:00 PM EST)

Tuesday (05-26-2020)

Grand Theft Auto IV (1:30 PM EST) [Extended]

Wednesday (05-27-2020)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Special Ops (1:30 PM EST) [Extended]

Thursday (05-28-2020)

Grand Theft Auto IV (1:30 PM EST) [Extended]

FLEX1: Minecraft Dungeons (8:00 PM EST)

Friday (05-29-2020)

FLEX2: Apex Legends (1:30 PM EST)

FLEX3: Minecraft (4:00 PM EST)

FLEX4: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Warzone (10:30 PM EST)

Saturday (05-30-2020)

FLEX5: Dead by Daylight (1:00 AM EST)

FLEX6: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (8:00 PM EST)

FLEX7: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Public Test Server (10:30 PM EST)

Sunday (05-31-2020)

FLEX8: Grand Theft Auto V (1:00 AM EST)

Game Priorities Breakdown

Primary Games (4+ Streams/Week): Flex/Grand Theft Auto IV

Secondary Games (2-3 Streams/Week): Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Tertiary Games (1 Stream/Week): DayZ

Quaternary Games (1 Stream/Bi-Weekly): None

Quinary Games (1 Stream/Quad-Weekly): None

[Note: The Parentheses Display the Alternating Game.]

Upcoming DLC

Destiny 2: Black Armory – Scourge of the Past Raid (Released)

Destiny 2: Season of Dawn (Released)

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – The Garden of Salvation (Released)

Destiny 2: Warmind – The Last Wish Raid (Released)

Forza Horizon 4: The Anniversary Update (Released)

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Steel Wave (06-09-2020)

Future Games

DOOM Eternal (RELEASED) [1]

Mafia: Definitive Edition (08-28-2020) [4]

Mafia II: Definitive Edition (RELEASED) [5]

Maneater (RELEASED) [2]

Saints Row: The Third Remastered (RELEASED) [3]

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 (09-04-2020) [6]

Thank you for visiting The Gamer Society’s YouTube Schedule page! All of the live streams planned for the current week are listed in chronological order on this page. Tune in on YouTube for great entertainment and live chat! Thanks for your support!

Extended: The “Extended” designation means that the stream will consist of back-to-back live streams of the same video game. These live streams usually consist of one intermission of up to 30 minutes.

Note: The Gamer Society YouTube schedule is always subject to change including alterations, cancellations, delays, and other circumstances.

Note: The Gamer Society primarily streams on YouTube, but, TGS considers Mixer the main back-up stream service. So, if a stream is not live on YouTube, always check Mixer in case there were issues! Refer to the main menu for a link to all of TGS’ streaming pages!