Overview of TGS Rules for Subscriber/Viewer Participation!

Basic Rules

  1. Listen to TGS Members (Chain of Command – Highest Rank is Leader)
  2. Respectful Communication (No Cursing, Disrespect, Eating on Mic, Harassment, Inviting to Party, Music, Non-Stop Talking, Racism, Screaming, Singing, Spamming, Talking Over Each Other, Etc.)
  3. Respectful Gameplay (No Bribing, Disrupting, Giveaways, Mutiny, Suicides, Teamkills, Etc.)
  4. Respectful Participation (Don’t Request Looking for Group Posts Unless Guarantee Participation, No Attempting to Control Session, No Live Streaming without Permission, No Trolling, No Vanishing While in Active Gameplay, Etc.)
  5. Respect TGS Moderators of All Tiers!

Note: No Special Treatment for Members or Supporters!

Battle Royale Rules

  1. Highest Ranking TGS Member is the Leader of Squad! (Follow Commands)
  2. Do Not Abandon Vehicles as Driver in Open Areas! Especially, if Being Fired Upon!
  3. Do Not Engage Enemies Unless Approved by Command or Absolutely Necessary to Survive!
  4. Do Not Fire Weapons or Use Throwable Items Unless Absolutely Necessary! (i.e. Don’t Throw Smokes for No Reason)
  5. Do Not Lead Enemies to Teammates, Attempt to Communicate Locations, But Never Giveaway Positions!
  6. Do Not Steal Other Players Loot! This Includes Boxes & Kills. Also, This Applies If a Player Calls a House on Landing or Looting Phases.
  7. If the Game Has a Buyback Function, Purchase the Oldest Dead 1st, in Order.
  8. Land & Stick Together, To the Death!
  9. 50+ People Remaining with Only (1) Squad Member Alive = Play Aggressively for Revenge!
  10. Lastly, But Not Least, Have Fun!

Minecraft Rules

  1. DO NOT Build or Modify ANYTHING on the TGS World Map WITHOUT Permission!
  2. Each Individual City/Town Has Separate Laws Governing Construction – Request Permission Prior to Building & Follow Local Ordinances!
  3. Respect Neighbors in Local Towns & Resolve Debates within the TGS Court System! (i.e. Building Permits/Roads/Etc.)
  4. Use of Fire, Lava, Magic, TNT, &/or Water ARE PROHIBITED WITHOUT PERMISSION!

Moderator Section

TGS Moderators

Tier 1 (Executive Moderators)

  • PHARA0H BEAR (Founder/Owner/President)
  • ElektraVoltz (General Manager)

Tier 2 (Lead Moderators)

  • None

Tier 3 (General Moderators)

  • JSmoke87 (General Mod)

Tier 4 (Chat Moderators)

  • McMaster912 (Chat Mod) [Level 1]

Note: TGS is Currently NOT Accepting Mod Applications! Stay Tuned for More Info!

Thanks for Reading the TGS Rules for Subscriber/Viewer Participation!