TGS Roster

Welcome to The Gamer Society’s Roster page! The TGS Roster page includes a breakdown of the members of The Gamer Society. The breakdown is broken into two sections: Executive and Moderators. The Executive branch includes the commentators, managers, and owners. The Moderators branch includes lead, co-lead, general, and chat moderators. Lastly, each section has its own notes per member in parentheses.


President: PHARA0H BEAR (Founder/Owner) [Previously Stonehengd Bear]

General Manager: ElektraVoltz


General Moderator(s): JSmoke87

Chat Moderator(s): McMaster912 (Level 1)

Executive Branch

The above breakdown covers the branches by chain of command. The Executive branch contains all authority, ownership, and profitability members of The Gamer Society. The YouTube channel ownership and profitability are strictly owned by the President. The other members, such as Managers, simply contain authority within The Gamer Society organization. Below the Executive branch is the Moderator branch.

Moderator Branch

The Moderators branch contains all of the TGS’ Lead, Co-Lead, General, and Chat Moderators. The purpose of TGS Moderators is to participate frequently across all TGS platforms to ensure rules are followed by members and viewers. Being a TGS Moderator is a completely voluntary position with no compensation. The benefit of becoming a TGS Moderator is strictly the Moderator designation as seen on the website and YouTube.